Excellent service. Love my Hygienist and Dr. Alatorre is excellent.

11th December, 2017

Great team. Helpful, responsive and engaging.

11th December, 2017

Felt very comfortable and at ease.

11th December, 2017

You are always a lifesaver for my teeth here in vegas.

7th December, 2017

Efficient and friendly service has kept me coming back for over two decades.

5th December, 2017

The office is a real pleasure...very professional and friendly. Always feel like a receive top notch care here!!

25th November, 2017

I am very pleased with the staff at Alatorre Dental. Dr. Alatorre is very professional with my dental care and always a joy to converse with. She is very knowledgeable and I trust her with my entire family's care. My dental hygienist is a fantastic person and she keeps me relaxed all of the time. I enjoy our conversations immensely and look forward to seeing her on my visits. The administrative staff are very professional and helpful with the insurance premiums and with anything they can assist you with. The entire team in the office are #1. I hope they all stay together, forever..

18th November, 2017

Alatorre Dental is always a great experience! They have the latest technology and wonderful hygienists. There is never a wait and scheduling is super easy!

15th November, 2017

Hoku was terrific and Dr. Alatorre is the BEST

24th October, 2017

Always on time! Friendly & courteous staff!

19th October, 2017

I've been a patient of this practice for almost 30 years. They always take good care of me and give me excellent customer service.

19th October, 2017

In my opinion, Alatorre Dental is the best! We Ihave been patients for 16 years and have never regretted our decision to do so. Everyone associated with this dental practice is most competent and very friendly. Dr Alatorre is a wonderful person, always follows up with you after a procedure and is always available for an emergency. She is an excellent doctor and very patient. Can’t say enough good things about her! We highly recommend her and her wonderful staff!

18th October, 2017

The staff is very professional and warm. I truly feel sincerity when they are giving us advice. Sherri is very friendly and a good listener. Dr. Allatore also exhibits warm with that beautiful smile.

10th October, 2017

Alatorre Dental has amazing staff. All are friendly, helpful, compassionate,and very professional from the reception desk to the hygienists and Dr. Alatorre herself. For someone who dislikes going to the dentist, I don't mind going to have any type of work done here. Also quick to respond in getting you taken care of in dental emergencies as well.

6th October, 2017

Initially, I was quite nervous walking into this dental office. Dr. Alatorre, Beth, and all the staff there were amazing. They were all very kind and professional. Everyone made me feel comfortable and helped ease my anxiety from this visit. The office is clean and welcoming. I definitely would recccomend visiting.

29th September, 2017

I've already suggested my Wife and sister-in-law become patients of Dr. Alatorre; they will after today!

28th September, 2017

Dental Hygienist Hoku was very nice and I thank her for helping me maintain good dental maintenance of my teeth.

26th September, 2017

Great service. Staff is very caring and attentive. Location and premises are in clean and neat condition. Great place to be honest.

21st September, 2017

Great staff friendly helpful

14th September, 2017

Always the best. I am more than willing to drive across town to see them.

13th September, 2017

Convenient and professional!

13th September, 2017

Excellent...very happy with my procedure.

22nd August, 2017

Staff provides excellent customer service. Dr. Alatorre is thorough and pleasant. She is concerned about the customer's well being.

22nd August, 2017

I love going to the dentist here. It is so comfortable that I have been known to nap during cleaning no drugs required.

20th January, 2017

Everyone at Alatorre Dental is so professional, yet with a definite personal touch. The office is extremely clean and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone. The only drawback at the moment is the practice is not a member of any provider insurance.

19th January, 2017

Everyone in this office is so friendly and professional. They make you feel like a part of their family. Dr. Alatorre and the rest her staff are phenomenal. I would highly recommend them to all my family and friends. If they only see animals, I would also bring my dog in this office for a cleaning.

12th January, 2017

Nice to get appointment in emergency so quick.

11th January, 2017

Very accomodating. Friendly, and very professional. Couldn't ask for a better dental practice to take care of me and my families needs.

10th January, 2017

Great dentist for the whole family. We can make group appointments with the kids and get our teeth cleaned before school & work. Appointments are punctual. My husband schedules his appointments during his lunch break because the team is committed to timeliness. Also, a genuinely friendly atmosphere, with staff that know & remember you. I like, that I can always have the same hygienist for me & my kids too. Makes it much easier for my kids to visit.

10th January, 2017

I'm the most intimated person but I've always been so happy with my the service

5th January, 2017

Highly recommended - Dr Alatorre and staff are extremely professional and competent.

30th December, 2016

Superb customer service and quality of dental care. Highly recommended.

22nd December, 2016

As always, on time, professional, friendly!!

20th December, 2016

Thank you for always being so kind and patient with me. You have a gift for dentistry!!! You are awesome!!!

19th December, 2016

Was so comfortable with the staff, techs and Dr. A - couldn't be happier to have found you

15th December, 2016

The staff and Dr. Ros are awesome! They are always professional and on point with their organizational skills. I've been a patient for over 20 years (going back to when Dr. Hall practiced) and never plan to switch. If you need a dentist you can trust and feel at home with, this is the place to be.

14th December, 2016

Dr. Alatorre is friendly and knowledgeable - and has surrounded herself with a first rate team of hygienists and office staff. They are like family!

9th December, 2016

Dr. Alatorre was the 2015 Dentist of the Year for a reason. The waiting room is pleasant, the receptionist staff is professional and smiling, the hygienist does excellent work, and Dr. Alatorre is a caring, exceptional dentist. She has been our family dentist for years.

3rd December, 2016

Very professional & efficient.

2nd December, 2016

Everyone is so very nice and pleasant--love Shary

1st December, 2016

I have never had to wait for my appointment , and everyone is very pleasant.

29th November, 2016

I love Alatorre Dental! They are so kind and friendly. I love that they take the time to get to know me as well as take care of my teeth. I always leave with a great smile.

24th November, 2016

Love the doctor, great presence and she makes you feel at ease. Love the hygienist (Sherry) as well

23rd November, 2016

I appreciate Dr. Alatorre. Her professionalism goes above and beyond what's required of a dentist. Her and her staff truly cares about their patients. In general people do not like going to the dentist but when I walk into their office it's like visiting an extension of my family thank you guys for exceeding my expectations each and every visit see you soon

14th November, 2016

I Love the special care your staff gives every patient. My Hygienist is the best. Dr. Alatorre always explains everything so you can understand.

11th November, 2016

Very professional people.

3rd November, 2016

The only way this place could be better was if you sold beer!!!

3rd November, 2016

I have been a patient of this practice for over twenty years. The reason I still go there is because I have been well taken care of at each visit.

2nd November, 2016

I feel very comfortable here. I had terrible dentists as a child.

28th October, 2016

I've been a patient of Dr. Alatorre for over ten years. She and her office staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and always on time.

26th October, 2016

Dr. Alatorre is an excellent dentist with a very good staff.

25th October, 2016

Dr. Alatorre is very attentive and kind. Her staff is extraordinarily friendly and welcoming.

14th October, 2016

My whole family has been with Dr. Hall for almost twenty years ever since we moved to Las Vegas and were worried that when he retired we would have to look for another dentist. When Dr. Alatorre took over his practice we decided to give her the try and were more than pleased! Dr. Alatorre is a superb dentist, a very knowledgeable professional, and amazingly nice person. She has continued taking care of our whole family's teeth as if she has done it for years and got to know each of us instantaneously. It is always a great pleasure talking to her even though we would rather not see a dentist at all. The staff is also first class and their patient care is more than we could ask for.

14th October, 2016

I wasn't sure how things woulf go after Dr. Hall left, but I have had no regrets. Dr. Allatore is great. She is a lot like Dr. Hall so it made the transition. Very eazy3 for me.

13th October, 2016

All the people at Alatorre's dental office are warm and caring. They make you feel like a member of the family instead of a patient and I always feel like I get top notch dental care.

13th October, 2016

People are very, very nice and professional.

5th October, 2016

Service has been very good and prompt even under emergency conditions.

23rd September, 2016

I love my dentist and all her minions

22nd September, 2016

Good service ,professional care.

17th September, 2016

Sterling care, pleasant, competent, re-assuring staff. I actually LIKE to go to the dentist.

15th September, 2016

Very friendly and professional staff. Getting teeth cleaned is actually an enjoyable experience.

13th September, 2016

I found a very comfortable and professional environment. It's always a good feeling to leave a new-patient appointment, at a new dental facility, and have no concerns about the next appointment. I really felt in truly good hands with my dental health.

9th September, 2016

I like the electronic appointment notifications. They go right into my calendar. I never have to wait and the staff is always friendly and professional. Dr. Alatorre is very progressive in her practice.

8th September, 2016

All of your services are great.

7th September, 2016

I could not be happier with the choice Dr. Hall made for a replacement. Dr. Alatorre was a perfect fit. I love her personality and her professionalism. Dr. Alatorre takes extra time with my son, too and with a teenager that is definitely a plus. I have recommended Dr. Alatorre in the past and will continue to recommend her in the future.

1st September, 2016

I'd be lost without Dr. Alatorre & her team!

24th August, 2016

I have been a patient for many years (late 90's) and always had great service! Caring staff and very personable!

23rd August, 2016

In our opinion, you could not find better dental care than what we receive at Alatorre Dental! The staff is warm and welcoming and everyone involved in care from Dr. Alatorre to the hygienist and beyond is excellent! Always there for patients in an emergency situation and always follows up as to how you are doing after procedure. Thank you for excellent care! Pat and Lou E.

23rd August, 2016

I love everybody in this office. You make coming to the dentist a pleasure. I get such wonderful service and care.

20th August, 2016

Ease of appointment times. Friendly staff. Dr. Alatorre is easy to talk to and explains procedures clearly. I had an issue with a temp crown and was able to contact Dr. after hours very easily.

18th August, 2016

Dr. Alatorre has been my dentist for over ten years. I highly recommend her and her staff. Friendly, knowledgeable and always on time.

18th August, 2016

The only place I know to go for my Dental Care. The only place I need to know.

8th August, 2016

Rita has been my Dental Hygienist for many years with Dr. Kuiava and she is the only one I trust. It was a very hard transition after being with Dr. Kuiava for 27 years and to find another dentist who I felt comfortable with and trusted. I believe Dr. Alatorre has all the qualifications I need and trust.

6th August, 2016

Dr Alatorre is very knowledgable with identifying and resolving issues, maintains a profession office with helpful staff and great hygienists. Highly recommend this dental office for all services.

5th August, 2016

For my friends and family who need a dentist, I always recommend Dr. Alattore

4th August, 2016

Been coming to Alatorre Dental forever, very professional, friendly staff, couldn't as for more from my Dentist.

3rd August, 2016

Dr. Alatorre and her staff are truly outstanding. Dr. Alatorre is friendly, highly competent, and shows empathy and concern. I have had many dentists, stretching from New York to California and she is simply the best. Don Fruehling

31st July, 2016

Warm & caring staff, hygienists, & dentist. Gentle treatments, great information, & always encouraging. The office is very efficient.

30th July, 2016

Everyone is so friendly and professional. My hygienist is fantastic. Dr. Alatorre always has a smile and explains everything to you in detail. I cannot say enough about Alatorre Dental.

29th July, 2016

Very happy with my care & all the options you offer.

29th July, 2016

this team always makes you feel comfortable and well taken care of. Will be coming here for years to come.

28th July, 2016

I always enjoy the pleasant, professional atmosphere at Alatorre Dental. I have confidence that I am receiving the best care possible.

28th July, 2016

I love Dr. Alatorre and her staff. Sheri is very sweet and has great stories. I really enjoy my visits!

28th July, 2016

This is the very best Dental Office I have ever been too. Exceptional Care and very friendly staff. If you are looking for a new Dentist, Dr. Alatorre is outstanding.

28th July, 2016

I love the service and the office staff.

28th July, 2016

I am treated with respect and professional service. Very Happy.

12th July, 2016

Dr Alatorre is a wonderful placement for Dr Hall

11th July, 2016

I love this place!!!! Best dental experience since the last time I was there. Thank you for all you do. The shot was almost painless and I do not like shots....so, thank you! No waiting and lots of happy smiles all over the office. Great place to be if you need dental work. I encourage everyone to choose this for your dentistry needs!!!

2nd July, 2016

Very professional staff - state of the art equipment in a comfortable environment - highly recommend.

30th June, 2016

i have been using Dr. Alatorre for about 21 years and they are the best, i would recommend Dr Alatorre to anyone wanting the best.

29th June, 2016

Dr. Alatorre is truly a professional. The procedure of removing a cap and repairing decay under it was virtually painless. I felt very comfortable during the procedure with not only her, but her staff also. I rate her and her staff excellent in every category and highly recommend her practice.

28th June, 2016

Always willing to help patient as quickly as possible. Patient and kind.

27th June, 2016

Dr. Alatorre and her staff are knowledgeable, attentive, courteous and professional.

27th June, 2016

My unbiased opinion is that you guys are great - But then again I am bias because I love you guys... Otherwise, I would not still be there after 33 years... I've been there longer than some of you are old so there!!!

27th June, 2016

very happy with your whole operation- the only thing that could possibly make it better is if it was free...LOL

27th June, 2016

I really appreciate how you are always on time with appointments! All of the staff are very pleasant & professional.

27th June, 2016

Wonderful staff; professional; timely; attentive listeners; great overall services!

27th June, 2016

Dr. Alatorre is the absolute best dentist I've ever had! I've been seeing her for years and wouldn't even consider going to anyone else. She has such a great bedside manner, listens to you, generally cares and is very gentle when she's working on you. And her entire staff is amazing too. They are all very caring and friendly. They have modern equipment too that I haven't seen elsewhere. Took me a few years to get my wife to see Dr. Alatorre and now she's completely sold too.

27th June, 2016

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